Bundles of Joy

Bundles of Joy is a ministry under the covering of the House of Mercy Mission, serving the community of Newark, NJ. We collect new cloths only for babies born to moms in the Newark community. After collecting these items, we visit local hospitals in Newark, NJ several times a year (Christmas and Mother’s Day). We visit and minister Jesus to the new moms and celebrate with them the birth of their newborn. We are also listed at the hospitals as a referral to those in need throughout the year.

Since this is an on-going service, we are in constant need of finances and new or slightly irregular baby items. Any and all donations would be gratefully appreciated and are tax deductible. If you would like to help and be a part of Bundles of Joy, contact Pastor Tilly Giresi at 973-642-6226.

Click here for information regarding our “Baby Shower for Jesus.”

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