The success of the House of Mercy Mission is due to many of our friends who support us by donating money, time and clothes. If you would like to donate and/or volunteer, please call contact us.

The Food Pantry usually distributes food packages on the third and forth Saturday of every month, whereas on these days we sign up around 10am till 11:45am and ask for a picture ID: the distribution of the food packages begins around 1pm after our church service. Emergency food packages are available with preferably a food referral and an appointment (call 973.642.6226 to make one).

The Blessing Shop offers clothes to those in need in the community. In the winter we give out warm coats donated by many of our friends: if needed and available, warm blankets too are given out.

Counseling and deliverance are free and by appointment: call 973.642.6226 if you would like to make one.

The Bread Line is formed after noonday service on Thursdays and Saturdays, and offers bread, donuts, pastries, produce and/or what’s available.

The Soup Kitchen offers great meals and fellowship on Thanksgiving and Christmas, usually on the Saturday prior to these Holidays.

For the Nursing Home Ministry, Tilly’s Kids go at least two times a year to bring gifts, cookies and a performance.

We always need volunteers, so if you can help please call 973.642.6226!

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