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Let There Be Light!

An email from Chuck Pierce:

Praying for New Birth in this Nation!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Dear Faithful Pray-ers:

I am presently in Baltimore, Maryland with Apostle Bart Pierce for an all-night prayer gathering. I know that many of you have and are praying earnestly for the election tomorrow. For those of you who are near the Global Spheres Center, the Prayer Tower will be open for corporate prayer tomorrow (Tuesday) at 6 AM, 9 AM, Noon and 3 PM for times of intercession for our nation. We want to continue praying through this night and throughout the watches tomorrow. If you are not able to join the team in the Global Spheres Center, you can pray wherever you are.

Also, I love what Mark Collins sent me last week about “Let there be LIGHT Day!”. He shared:
“Why don’t we declare Tuesday November 6th as National Let There Be Light Day. If the different streams of the Ecclesia came together on Tuesday and declared in unison and unity, “Let There Be Light”, I truly believe God will show up, in more ways that we can imagine. There is darkness set to pounce in more ways than just winning or losing an election. We must supersede with Light. If we got the word out to all the leaders that we are connected with and then they send it to their areas of influence, what a great day it would be. I would set a zero hour of 6 AM EST for Tuesday November 6, 2012. A timed, coordinated declaration of His Light over this land!”

Wherever you are, declare the Light of His truth and glory will shine brightly!

Chuck D. Pierce

Praying, Rebuking and Coming Against Sandy

An email from John and Sheryl Price:

Dear Praying Friends on the Eastern Seaboard and Beyond,

As we are all joined in praying against one of the largest storms of our time, I wanted to resend the excerpt from a prophetic word spoken by Chuck Pierce at our state wide gathering in Basking Ridge on June 8 of this year.

He said this, “God is going to give us power over the next storm in this area. There will be a storm on the coast, and the Lord says I am going to give you power. You are going to see my power working. Now I am here to say again, New Jersey, Newark, Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, Hartford area in CT and all the way to Yale – God is going to move in an unprecedented way – now get ready! The power of God has come into the atmosphere. This power is going to surprise you in a way that you have not been surprised. Some of you are saying how does this affect me? Well, some of you are going to wake up in the Presence of the Lord, and He is going to say I am waiting for you. He’s going to stand there and you are going to be arrested by HIS SPIRIT. God’s people are coming under a supernatural power and favor in this region.

In response to this prophetic word, in August, we gathered around the state of New Jersey, with visiting prayer leaders from DE, PA, NY and other areas for a week of prayer and worship encircling the entire coastal border of New Jersey. God met with us powerfully in each location, storms, opening heaven and ushering us through dangerous weather circumstances as we traveled that week. We could intercede about this coming storm because we had been alerted ahead of time! God does nothing unless he first shows his prophets! Notice the cities mentioned: New Jersey (the entire state) Newark, Rehoboth Beach, DE, Hartford, CT, and Yale University. For those who live in these areas, please join us NOW in praying against the destruction of this storm! Command it to go out to sea or be so weakened that it would not be able to cause the harm the enemy intends to cause on our coastlines. Let’s set our face like a flint to pray against the intended destruction of the enemy, as we stand in faith with the Word of the Lord above, “God is giving us power over this storm!”

John and I are still in Thailand ministering with Dr. Robert and Linda Heidler. We return on Oct. 30. Our connection with New Jersey has caused us to be awakened here, in Thailand, at 4am to pray with you from half way around the world during the forth watch of the night here. We love you all so much, and count it a privilege to serve on the state team with all of you. We see you standing strong, clothed in His armor, with a two edged sword in your mouth! The angelic hosts accompanied Chuck’s prophetic word and were released ahead of time into our territory just for this time. They encircle you and keep you safe. They empower you to war on behalf of God’s word. NOW IS THE TIME FOR YOU TO USE HIS WORD TO REBUKE THIS STORM! APPROPRIATE HIS BLOOD AS PROTECTION FOR YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES AND USHER IN THE NEW WIND OF HOLY SPIRIT INTO OUR TERRITORY!

Love and Blessings,
John and Sheryl Price, Aligned for His Glory